HICS - Hospital Incident Command System

Intended for both emergent and non-emergent use at all Hospitals, the Hospital Incident Command System or HICS is a comprehensive management tool based upon the Incident Command System (ICS). Emergency response plans which are based upon the Incident Command System share many organizational qualities with other ICS based plans. The commonalities shared between plans is a great attribute in times of crisis. This can bind hospitals and other emergency response organizations together.

The Tactron HICS system is a full line of well thought out and easily accessible titled workbooks that are stored in a handy carrying case. The workbook is a zipper close canvas polyester padfolio that includes a white Deluxe vest with color coded binding around the edge. Each workbook also includes a laminated Job Action Sheet, a laminated organization chart, a notepad and a pen. Additional items such as position specific forms and laminated branch organization charts can be added.

The Tactron HICS system for hospitals offers the following benefits:

  • Predictable chain of command
  • Accountability of position and team function, including prioritized action checklists
  • Common language for promoting interagency communication
  • Clearly identified components of this system and its relationship to the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Enhanced system that integrates chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) events into the management structure
  • A standardized and scalable incident management system that addresses planning and response needs of all hospitals, including rural and small facilities